Tuesday October 18, 2005 - Preparation day 1


Hurricane Wilma is a little tropical storm that may be passing through western Cuba and may affect Cozumel a little bit.
Plans We decided to move a planned wreck dive from Thursday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon so we would be sure it wouldn't be canceled.
Expectations We expected just a minor storm to blow through that may interrupt a day or so of diving.

Today was a great dive day capped off by a beautiful twilight dive and a night dive. The hurricane wasn't in our thoughts at all. Everyone was expecting it to only affect Thursday afternoon and Friday. The only real concern was that we may possibly not make the Saturday flight and may have to wait until Sunday to get back home.

As the day wore on a few people were grumbling about having to be back at work for important things on Monday and were debating about trying to get an early flight out. But preparations were beginning. The small huts with thatch roofs had some netting added to help keep things in place.