1 Year Later, October 2006

It is amazing how well the people at Scuba Club Cozumel have fixed up the place. If I had not been here last year for it, I would never guess that a hurricane had been through. There are a few changes in the landscaping, but if you were not specifically looking for it you would not even notice any changes. Not everywhere on the island has been as fortunate. Most of the tourist areas and high end hotels are all fixed up just like new, but many of the smaller places and local sites are still being worked on.

I have been surprised at how little damage is noticable on the reefs (this year's dive pictures). There are some places where the coral is a bit sand blasted, but for the most part things are in excelent shape. Below 60 or so feet there is very little noticable damage (at least to an amature like me).